Civil Services

  • Highways Construction – 278 works inc Site Clearance, fencing, kerbing ( HB2, splay, granite, trief, Kassel, beanies etc…),edging and channel work, drainage, earthworks, carriageway and footway construction, ducting ( comms, Traffic signals, street lighting etc..), chamber construction, NAL socket installation, feeder pillar bases, landscaping, protection to services, small structures and retaining walls
  • Bridge Refurbishment, inc Concrete repairs( hand & spray back), hydro demolition, surface removal and preparation of deck prior to waterproof, overhead grouting, overhead dowelling, reinstatement to deck after waterproofing inc deck kerbs, joint prep, verge and central reserve reconstruction.
  • Concrete infill to underground structures ie. Subways, redundant sewers, tanks etc….
  • Drainage – pumping stations, holding tanks, deep drainage.
  • Foundations – Piled, Mass Pour, RC Foundations, Ring Beams and Underpinning.
  • Re-inforced concrete structures
  • Excavating around live services.
  • Co-ordination with traffic management for highway projects
  • New Build – Houses, apartments and sheds, – holding down bolts, block and beam, kerbing, road construction, car parking, drainage, services, concrete flooring and adoptable works  
  • Paving inc, slabs, tactiles, blisters, granite, blocks, specialist stone ( ie York stone) etc
  • Diamond drilling
  • Tree Removal
  • Crack resin injection
  • Structural joint repair and specialist joint sealant application (polysulphide’s etc..)
  • Small demolition works
  • Foreshore works inc, Piling, Groyne, Seawall & structures in tidal flows